Best Luxury Spas in Austin

As a booming university town with a reputation for great barbecue and a cool vibe, there’s a lot to love about Austin. Though it’s the state capital, Austin’s atmosphere is very different from the rest of Texas, and so while you wouldn’t necessarily think of the Lone Star State as a great place to go to the spa, if you’re in Austin it most definitely is. Here are three of the best luxury spas in Austin:

Luxury Spas in Austin

Lake Austin Spa Resort:

This spa is primarily intended as a destination resort, as its about twenty kilometers from downtown, but they also offer day packages for those wishing to make a short trip. Situated along the shores of Lake Austin in the middle of scenic Texas hill country, the Lake Austin Spa Resort offers a great opportunity to get away from it all. The spa offers a charming, rustic feel –Texas luxury at its finest. As a full-fledged resort, in addition to the fantastic spa, they offer fitness classes, watersports, excellent food, and other activities throughout the week.


Milk & Honey Day Spa:

For those who don’t want to venture too far from the city center, Milk & Honey Day Spa might just be the best luxury spa in Austin. With a cool, modern vibe the space and facilities exude tranquility. Their treatments include massages, facials, nail and skin treatments, and a variety of other services, including some aimed especially at children or families. They also offer the full range of salon services on site. Milk & Honey also caters to a range of budgets, with options running right from a $30 nail and hand treatment all the way up to $619 day retreat.


Spa at The Four Seasons Austin:

The Four Seasons has a well-earned reputation for providing excellent spa services in all of their hotels, and Austin is no exception. If money is no object, The Four Seasons offers the ultimate luxury spa in Austin. Services available include massages and facials, both of which utilize local ingredients such as turquoise sage and prickly pear pomegranate to create a truly unique spa experience. All treatments also include access to Eucalyptus-infused steam rooms, a Himalayan pink salt wall, the hotel’s fitness center, and complimentary snacks!


Of course, there are many other options for those looking for a luxury spa in Austin, and I’m sure more will pop up as spas become increasingly popular. But if you want to enjoy the feel of luxury spas in Austin, why not install one right at the comfort of your own home? If you need help, visit us at